Except (Workshop)

  Except Integrated Sustainability delivers concepts and strategies for resilient, just, and inspiring cities, companies, and governance. Since 1999 they bring together private and public partners and guide them towards systemic and fundamental improvement, where all stakeholders benefit. They apply innovative systemic analysis, develop road maps towards resilience, and execute solutions with inspiring design. Together […]

Beter Future Factory (Workshop)

Better future factory is a sustainable design and engineering studio that turns (plastic) waste streams into innovative valuable solutions. Their mission is to help make system change to create a better future. By starting now for a better future tomorrow. They are specialized in circular economy models with a deep knowledge of the growing plastic […]

Workshop: What’s Your Drive? What University Doesn’t Teach You

The purpose of this series of workshops is to provide tools to help students determine what your strengths are, what you want, why, and how to achieve it. It is organized by a team of two alumni, a current student, and a staff member of the TU Delft, all of whom are committed to sharing their life […]

Tandem Language Festival – Language Workshops

Native speakers from all over the world will offer a fresh perspective on their language! Join us for a short workshop Hindi, Italian, Dutch or one of the many other. There will be 4 rounds of 30 minutes – the detailed programme will be announced later! Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Workshop Intercultural Communication (free registration)

That crazy person in your project group? Turns out they might just be perfectly sane, only they’re operating on a completely different set of cultural programming than yours. If you ever run into difficulties communicating with or understanding people from different cultural backgrounds then this workshop is for you. Low key, fun, and informative, this […]

Workshop: Learning Through Listening

Learning together in a world that faces interdisciplinary challenges is a necessary but also difficult task. It means looking beyond information and what we think we know into what people can create together with more sense behind. Here, actually listening to what everyone has to say is quite important. And that actually starts with REALLY […]

Bio3Dimension Workshop with free BBQ (Registration req.)

Bio3Dimension with free BBQ What do you know about synthetic biology? Help this year’s TU Delft iGEM team on the 28 of August (one of the Dream Teams)  to market their do-it-yourself printer, while learning about the promising field of synthetic biology. Start with an interesting case study and end the day with an awesome […]

Debating Workshop

Work on your argumentation and debate skills! Not to win any argument even if your position is the weaker one, but to make sure that your argument is heard especially when you’re right. Confidence, timing, strategy, rhetoric; all skills that an engineer needs, otherwise the managers and investors of this world will eat you alive […]

Language Festival: Workshop Night

Do you want to learn new languages? Are you curious on why you should? Interested in getting introductions to various languages? Join this year’s edition of the Language Festival by Tandem Delft! It takes place April 28 to May 1 and gives you the opportunity to participate in an interesting lecture, language workshops and more. Workshop Night […]