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Theatre is alive

In the theatre, we can feel devastated when the main character dies or agree with the most horrible villain. What happens when we engage with fiction? Does it tell us something about reality? What do we take home once the curtain has fallen?

Biking Through The Rain

The rain radar above Delft has coloured red. There’s a strong wind blowing from all directions. And there I go. Steering my way through the ponds. Probably carrying too many non-waterproof bags. Wearing only one glove, as I’ve already lost the other.

Why We Need Good Stories

When I was very small, I believed that things and animals were also persons with whom I could talk. Every morning I greeted the table and the chairs, and they greeted me back. At least that’s how I saw it. I also had conversations with our gray and woolly Keeshond Skippy.

SG Highlights | World at War

Every week until the start of the second semester, we will post a selection of highlights from the past year so you can enjoy our events from home, as on-campus events are currently not possible. Stay safe and healthy and best of luck with your exams!