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Denk je mee over onze sociale mediastrategie?

Kom werken bij Studium Generale TU Delft! Vacature student-assistent social media Studium Generale TU Delft Hoe gevaarlijk is AI? Hoe ver zijn we met de energietransitie? Wat kunnen we leren van niet-Westerse filosofieën? Studium Generale (SG) organiseert lezingen, workshops, talkshows en filmvertoningen over de rol van technologie in onze maatschappij en over actuele maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen, […]

WANTED: Facilitators for Talk That Talk!

What is Talk That Talk? Talk That Talk is a serious game created by Francien Baijanova that aims to encourage dialogue between students about sexual violence against women, in order to raise awareness and increase bystander behavior. During the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Week on the 6th of October, a group of students from TU […]

The Decolonising Knowledge series, cont’d

This series of events explores the legacy of colonial power structures in society.   The TU Delft is beginning to support increased awareness of cultural differences, inequality, and discrimination. However, it remains a mostly male, Western oriented, white community, and there are many relevant topics and issues in the realm of identity and diversity that have yet to be […]

The “World at War” Series

In this series of talks, different thinkers explore the meaning of conflict in our times.  No longer a ‘great game’ of nation states declaring war, invading, and taking land, global aggression in our time takes place through trade, hacking, and proxies. Far from home, or hidden online, it remains largely unseen by us in the Netherlands. And yet ‘war’ in the […]

Hesiodos board search + online Art museum

Since physical meetings haven’t been possible for a while, the Hesiodos board made an online art museum to display this year’s submissions to the magazine. Take a walk through the online art museum! For many of us, a great way to maintain our mental health and motivation is to express ourselves. Through drawing, painting, writing, […]

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Just over two hundred years ago the young daughter of two philosophers and feminists wrote the first scifi novel, and it’s one that is etched into our cultural imagination of the horrors of science forevermore. That novel is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. But how many of us have actually read this classic? If you’re not planning […]