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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Just over two hundred years ago the young daughter of two philosophers and feminists wrote the first scifi novel, and it’s one that is etched into our cultural imagination of the horrors of science forevermore. That novel is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. But how many of us have actually read this classic? If you’re not planning […]

The best comics & illustrations

The Creative Skills Workshop series that we’ve organized together with Sports&Culture will soon draw to a close. Dozens of Delftian students will look back on some seriously fun sessions with authors, journalists, and comics artists. The comics & illustrations workshop, led by Stephan Timmers, held a vote to choose the three best contributions and agreed […]

70 Years of Critical Thinking

70 YEARS OF CRITICAL THINKING Last year (2016) Studium Generale celebrated its 70th birthday, and what better way to honor our origins as TU Delft’s patron of critical thought than by questioning the current moral status of our academic community? In February and March 2016, 300 students from all faculties participated in the SG Conscience […]

India and Delft

In 2014, there were over four hundred Indian students at the TU Delft, second only in number to Chinese students in the ballooning population of internationals. There is an active student’s association, ISA, representing Indian students and organizing cultural activities and parties from Diwali to Holi. And now for the first time there has been […]