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Green Guide Delft

Delft has a small but dedicated group of students who are taking matters into their own hands to save the environment. The Sustainability Community is creating a network and spreading information and awareness on sustainability, ecology, and green initiatives on campus, in Delft, and around the globe. During the International Festival of Technology they launched […]

SG Academy

The SG Academy is a new initiative by Studium Generale to engage budding engineers in literature, philosophy, critical thinking, and a generally broader look at human culture through all kinds of media. Think of it as a modern book club, where a small group of (aspiring) intellectuals get together to discuss not just books, but […]

OWee 2014

Na vele zonnige jaren stond SG weer eens op een natte OWee infomarkt. In de koudste augustus in de laatste eeuw hebben wij ervoor gekozen om maar eens niet de nieuwe studenten naar SG te lokken met gratis speeltjes – zoals een bloempot met SG zonnebloem, of een SG fietslamp – maar met een interactief object […]

Job Application: the TU Delft Sustainability Community needs you!

For the last few months, SG has been helping students out to organize a TU Delft Sustainability Community, bringing together all the organizations in Delft committed to sustainability and ecological awareness. So far, the list includes Smart Campus, Students4Sustainability, Ecolution, SHIFT, Passie voor bouw, Energy Club, Delft Social Impact, SHS, and Climate City Campus. To […]