About us

Studium Generale exists to contribute to the academic development of students and to the social discussion on the role of technology and engineers in modern society, both on campus and in the city of Delft. We organise events that put your world in different perspectives. All universities in the Netherlands have in the years since 1946 founded their own Studium Generale in order to improve the general knowledge of students, staff, and other interested parties by way of freely accessible activities in the realm of culture, technology, society, and science.

Visit our lectures, workshops, debates, film and documentary screenings, and other events with a broad range of topics, presented by known and unknown scientists, authors, journalists, politicians and more, often on the boundary between technology and society. Occasionally controversial, always critically minded. Many of our events can be found on campus during lunch breaks or in the evenings, often in cooperation with study and students associations. Our activities are open to all visitors and (almost) always free of charge.

Interesting in visiting one of our programmes? You can find the current programme here!

Our mission

At Studium Generale (SG), we believe that broad academic education, critical (self)reflection and social engagement contribute to a better world. We therefore believe that these principles should be part of a study or career at TU Delft. We organise lectures, debates, workshops and film screenings that encourage reflection on scientific, social and individual issues. SG is the agency for students and employees who want to look beyond their own field of study and are aware of the impact they (want to) have on society. We do not shy away from difficult topics, but always approach them in a critical and nuanced way. SG operates independently and faculty-transcending, but often in collaboration with students and staff. Based on this mission, we also make programmes for the people of Delft, thus contributing to the connection between TU Delft and the city.

Our vision

Studium Generale endorses TU Delft’s motto: ‘Impact for a better society’. But how do we contribute to this? For a better society, solid professional knowledge alone is not enough, because no technological innovation stands alone. Technology develops within a specific social context. Engineers are in the middle of society. With their knowledge and skills, but also with an eye for the most important problems of our times. To tackle these issues, knowledge of history, politics, philosophy and the arts is indispensable. These are the disciplines that make us realise where we come from, what the right thing to do is and that technology does not only offers solutions, but also creates new problems. We make programmes that put the engineer and technology at the heart of society. In this way, we contribute to ‘Impact for a better society’.

Curious about our activities over the past years? Find an overview of our annual reports here.