Partners of SG

Studium Generale operates in a large network of different partners on campus, in the city center of Delft and beyond. These partnerships help Studium Generale with creating the impact that we are aiming at. Below, an overview of some partners:

Powered by SG

Apart from co-organising many of its activities with study and student’s associations, SG has active partnerships with several student-run organisations in Delft. These partners share many of the goals of SG, such as working to encourage debate, critical thinking, creativity and open-mindedness, and an awareness of global issues and concerns. Read more about these partners that are ‘powered by’ us below:

VOX Delft

VOX Delft is a self-described platform for interdisciplinary, cross-cultural discussion and debate on technology, society, and philosophy. Co-founded with SG in 2011, the VOX student board has since created a community of critical and creative thinkers in Delft, both Dutch and international, who enjoy sharing knowledge and opinions on all manner of topics. VOX is a place where students (and other interested people) can be social and meet new people but also engage in serious, nuanced, and mutually enlightening discussions. Interested? Check out their activities on Instagram!


Hesiodos is the creative magazine of the TU Delft, founded in 2018 by students and staff in collaboration with SG. It is the place at the TU Delft for workshops and meetups on different artistic skills and projects. Hesiodos also organises the reoccuring art meditation workshop at the TU Delft Library. More on their magazine and other activities? Visit Hesiodos on Instagram!


Students4Sustainability (S4S) is a student-run foundation with two main goals: to support the implementation of sustainable TU engineering projects in Africa, Asia, and South America, and to increase the awareness of sustainability issues and solutions in Delft. SG collaborates with S4S to organise sustainability related events like workshops, lectures, debates, excursions and exhibitions across campus to increase the awareness about sustainability issues. Find out more about S4S on their website!

TU Delft Debating Club

The TU Delft Debating Club is Delft’s student debating society. Every week they debate in teams against each other. After some practice and the occasional workshop, members have the opportunity to join local debate tournaments amongst fraternities and student associations, and European tournaments with the best debaters on the continent. As a student society, much time is spent on socialising together as well. The meetings are in English and members range from first year students to PhD candidates from all faculties and backgrounds. Interested in joining or a try-out? Check out their Facebook page or send an e-mail.