For Love of the World | Philosophy, Technology and Art Festival

For Love of the World

Can we write a new story for our world? One where we live in harmony with nature, treat each other equitably and use our knowledge and technology democratically? Studium Generale TU Delft presents the For Love of the World festival, in which we invite you to join us in looking for new and different stories about the world. During this journey, we bring together technology, philosophy, and art to come to new perspectives.

We want to shape the future together with you and search for answers to the most important questions. Can we look at our place in the cosmos? How can we learn to treat the planet with more respect? And what impact does the increasing autonomy of technology have on us as humanity? We invite you to participate, to share and discover new stories together.

On March 23rd 2024 the first edition of the festival took place at Theater de Veste, in Delft city centre, filled with enervating conversations, interactive installations and audiovisual performances that will foster our imagination to find new stories for loving the world. The festival offers simultaneous programming, with options in Dutch and English, ranging from the Cosmic perspective all the way to understanding what is your (yes, you!) part in all of this!


In our keynote sessions, we took a journey to the depths of Cosmos with theoretical physicist Heinrich Päs, explore the intricate connections of Gaia and planetary networks with biologist and philosopher Andreas Weber and ponder our place and actions in loving the world anew with researcher and professor of more-than-human design Elisa Giaccardi.

Simultaneously, in the Theatre Café, a lineup of dynamic and interactive sessions was presented by esteemed researchers Aafke Fraaije, Joost Vervoort, Julia Rijsenbeek & Yke Bauke Eisma (in Dutch). The festival concluded with a lively conversation moderated by Wouter van Noort.

The recordings from the festival are available as a YouTube playlist: