Poetry Night: Satire

Verse It! is a monthly poetry meetup that will see poetry coming to life, through reading, music, art and any other forms of artistic expression. Through our events, Verse It! will bring young poetic voices and seasoned ones under the same roof to share their creations. We welcome cupfuls of expression ranging from joy, angst […]


How To Combine Ancient and Modern Wisdom

Humans have survived and thrived around the world for tens of thousands of years, using various ingenious technologies suited to their environment. What sort of traditional knowledge is still available to us?


The Decolonising Knowledge series, cont’d

This series of events explores the legacy of colonial power structures in society.   The TU Delft is beginning to support increased awareness of cultural differences, inequality, and discrimination. However, it remains a mostly male, Western oriented, white community, and there are many relevant topics and issues in the realm of identity and diversity that have yet to be […]


World at War: The Rise of China

What are the chances of a war between China and the West? What would such an open conflict look like, and how would it impact us in Europe, sandwiched as we are between the two global superpowers of China and the US?


World at War: The Culture of Conflict

Our society seems trapped in a system that on the one hand builds fantastic new technologies, and on the other hand destroys its own environment with great violence. Why do we thrive in so much conflict and not in peace? Are these conflicts somehow linked, and is there a way out?


The Future of Universities: The Digital Campus

What is or should a university be in the 21st century? Is it just a factory of knowledge, delivering professionals to the market? Or is it an institution of social and cultural value with a responsibility towards its students and society?


Man, verman jezelf! Over nieuwe mannelijkheid

Genderrollen staan onder druk. Vrouwen en transgenders zagen aan de stoelpoten van het patriarchaat, en niet zonder succes. ‘Je kunt het hele gendersysteem zien als een schip dat vrouwen aan het wankelen hebben gemaakt. Die boot gaat een keer kapseizen. Voor een deel van de mannen heeft dat nadelige gevolgen,’ aldus sociaal wetenschapper Linda Duits.