Verse It! Online Poetry Club

This month’s theme for the open mic poetry club is equality, with featured poet Anusha Sridharan. Sign up and join to listen to others or to share your own poetic creations.


SG presents: the Decolonising Knowledge series

This series of events explores the legacy of colonial power structures in society.   The TU Delft is beginning to support increased awareness of cultural differences, inequality, and discrimination. However, it remains a mostly male, Western oriented, white community, and there are many relevant topics and issues in the realm of identity and diversity that have yet to be […]


UITGESTELD | Slavernijgeschiedenis van Nederland

Na een eeuw van relatieve stilte rondom de slavernijgeschiedenis van Nederland, is er met name in het afgelopen decennium een enorme groei in aandacht voor het onderwerp gekomen. Studium Generale TU Delft brengt een serie van vier lezingen met een heel goede line-up aan sprekers.


Portrait Sketching Workshop

Join Carmen (also known as @sketchlog on Instagram) for a free online workshop on sketching and coloring a portrait.


World at War: Conflict Resources

Dutch-Congolese author Alphonse Muambi provides first-hand knowledge and experience of the past and present conflicts in resource rich countries like Congo, Niger, and Mali. 


World at War: The Future of War

War and technology have always been intertwined. But our high-tech age is drastically changing the landscape and the rules of warfare. 


POSTPONED | The Future of Universities: The Digital Campus

What is or should a university be in the 21st century? Is it just a factory of knowledge, delivering professionals to the market? Or is it an institution of social and cultural value with a responsibility towards its students and society?