GEANNULEERD – Het Filosofisch Café | Van dystopische science fiction naar actuele materie: The Matrix 1999-2020

The Matrix was vooral dystopische sciencefiction toen het uitkwam. Anno 2020 lijkt het steeds accurater. AI neemt steeds meer over in onze maatschappij, de mensheid is verslaafd aan de nepwereld van het internet en Techbedrijven zuigen alle informatie uit ons, alsof we menselijke batterijen zijn die hun systemen voeden.


The “World at War” Series

In this series of talks, different thinkers explore the meaning of conflict in our times.  No longer a ‘great game’ of nation states declaring war, invading, and taking land, global aggression in our time takes place through trade, hacking, and proxies. Far from home, or hidden online, it remains largely unseen by us in the Netherlands. And yet ‘war’ in the […]


Spoken Word Poetry Workshop

Poetry, as a form of expression, should not be limited to print media. It should be spoken aloud and heard. Spoken word poetry is poetry meant to be shared on stage. Join us for a workshop presented by TU Delft’s poetry club Verse It! to learn this art form. We will do some spoken word […]


TU Delft and the Colonial History of the Dutch East Indies

At the turn of the 20th century approximately one-third of all engineers that finished their studies in Delft went to the Dutch East Indies (present day Indonesia) to pursue a career in the Dutch colony. In this way they became part of the Dutch colonial context. Why were these engineers so well-fitted to the Dutch colonial project?


The Science of Meditation: a practical guide

Student wellbeing is dwindling fast in lockdown. By now, the figures are alarming at TU Delft: students massively feel depressed. The easiest way to boost your life quality, might be meditation. It’s free and you can do it every day and almost everywhere.