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Engineering the Future – panel discussion on nanobiology

Are you interested in the cutting edge possibilities in the field of medicine, genetic manipulation and the future of bio-engineering? For the first Lustrum of Hooke, the study association for Nanobiology, we organize a panel discussion about these topics under the theme ‘Engineering the Future’.

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Delta editor Saskia Bonger: Keeping the debate alive

Editor-in-chief of the Delta Journalistic Platform TU Delft Saskia Bonger was in the auditorium at a debate organised by Studium Generale about the Nashville statement. She wants to explain one aspect: why Delta did not avoid unrest.

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Bèta Balie Cinema: Her

Her is sciencefiction, drama en romantische komedie ineen. Hoofdpersoon is Theodore, een gescheiden, eenzame man in een vervreemdende, technologische wereld, op zoek naar iets echts en authentieks. En dat vindt hij in Samantha, de beste vriendin die hij ooit heeft gehad. Ze is intelligent en origineel. Grappig en begrijpend. Doortastend en bescheiden tegelijkertijd.

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Beta Balie: De sociale staat van Nederland

Nederland behoort al jaren tot de gelukkigste landen van de wereld en ook wat betreft feitelijke leefomstandigheden op het gebied van bijvoorbeeld werk, zorg en onderwijs scoort Nederland internationaal gezien goed. Toch zijn er ook in ons land zorgen over de kwaliteit van leven en gaan er achter de positieve gemiddelden soms grote verschillen tussen mensen in welvaart en welzijn schuil.

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Van Hasselt Lecture: The Purpose of the University in Democratic Societies

In the contemporary world, universities are often seen as sites of innovation, problem solving, and human capital formation by educating students. Yet throughout history, many philosophers have argued that the first and most important purpose of the university is a different one – a purpose that is related to its important epistemic role in democracies.

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AEGEE Leadership Workshop: Boost the leader in you!

Is Leadership a natural born skill, or can you develop one? How would you solve certain problems in a team of diverse backgrounds and work fields? What is the difference between project management and change management? This workshop includes a real-life case at the end where you will be able to use your skills into practice in a group.

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A bite of Technology: How to Build an Iron Man Suit

Get ready to learn How to Build an Iron Man Suit! Perhaps the most iconic technology to feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the Iron Man suit – built by the legend that is Tony Stark. The Iron Man is home to a collection of advanced technologies related to flight, healthcare, power, sensors, and control.

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Out of the Lab II

How do you turn your scientific research into policy and legislation? After the successful first edition of Out of The Lab, dr. ir. Rolf Hut and Studium Generale now present Out of The Lab 2: making your research into law using political connections.

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Inspiring Dialogues by alumni for students

So you’re going to be an engineer? But what’s next? For some opportunities seem endless, making it impossible to choose. Others are still looking for the perfect career path. Whatever position you might be in, good examples, best-practices and role models always give some sense of direction and insight into the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Fortunately Delft University of Technology (DUT) has some wonderful and successful alumni, and we want you to meet them!