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Weapons Engineering & Aerospace

Panel discussion on the Dutch/EU weapons industry and Aerospace students and faculty Was the first technological innovation a weapon? There is no direct evidence in the archaeological record, and there probably never will be since our early ancestors were using wood, bones, and unworked stones, but what the record does show is what a central […]

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Bijensterfte – zijn drones het antwoord?

Enige tijd geleden hoorden we op BNR naar aanleiding van een artikel op newscientist.com: ‘We hebben in de toekomst geen bijen meer nodig om bloemen te bestuiven. Dat kunnen mini-drones ook doen. Japanse onderzoekers hebben drones gemaakt die de rol van de bij over kunnen nemen.’ Een techneutendroom die werkelijkheid wordt? Sticky Drone De Oplossing […]

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Playlist: Explore your Brain

As part of the TU Delft 175th anniversary celebrations, the TU Delft Library organised a whole month of events surrounding the brain, including workshops, exhibitions, interactive installations and a series of lectures and debates. All the public lectures and debates were recorded and can be found on the playlist “Explore your Brain” on our YouTube channel. […]

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Photo-exhibition: Differences and similarities in the Arab world

Oman and Morocco set side by side Last winter two students of TU Delft, Henriëtte and Laurence, took up the challenge of participating in an AIESEC project in the Arab World. Henriëtte did a marketing project in FEZ (Morocco) and Laurence particpated in a video project in Muscat (Oman). Now that they are back we […]

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Differences and similarities in the Arab World

 Last winter two Dutch students (Henriëtte and Laurence) took up the challenge of participating in an AIESEC project in the Arab world. Henriëtte did a marketing project in Fez (Morocco) and Laurence participated in a video project in Muscat (Oman). Now that they are back they want to share their experience and make you excited […]

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Workshop: Writer’s Block

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.” (Charles Bukowski) It happens to every writer. It’s inevitable. Your prose has turned to mush, you don’t have a creative bone left in your body, and you want to throw in the towel. Many writers struggle with being afraid, with putting their ideas […]

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Van Leeuwenhoeklezing: Kun je rioolwater drinken?

Van Leeuwenhoeklezing – Technologie is overal De Van Leeuwenhoeklezing is voor iedereen die meer wil weten over technologie en de TU Delft. Van kijkoperatie tot spoortunnel, van windmolen tot satelliet, technologie is overal. Bij de TU Delft onderzoeken, bedenken en ontwerpen we technologie. Zo beïnvloeden we ook uw dagelijks leven. Wilt u daar meer van […]

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Workshop: Journalistic Writing

Always wondered why reading about the news or current topics can be so much more engaging than simply watching a news item on YouTube, TV or your favourite website? Journalistic writing might seem easier than most other styles of writing. But to be able to put your own emotions aside and cover a story in […]