Collaborate with us

Whether you are a student or staff member, representing a study or student’s association or otherwise, SG is always on the lookout for interesting and meaningful collaborations. We are especially keen to think and work together on the content of your proposed event. SG is an oft-requested partner for collaboration, co-promoting, sponsoring, brainstorming, and coaching for events on campus and in the city of Delft.

What does a collaboration with SG look like?

There are a couple of general scenarios in which we collaborate with partners on campus and in Delft. There three basic forms of collaborating with SG on events are:

  1. SG pitches an event to you (idea, topic, or speaker)
  2. You pitch an event to SG (idea, topic, or speaker)
  3. We meet and brainstorm together for a potential collaborative event

The types of events we collaborate on: lectures, (in)formal debates, discussions, documentaries, workshops, exhibitions and symposia.

What SG offers (depending on time, cost, relevance): experience and expertise with (academic) events from conception, to planning, to execution. Co-promotion to reach a broader audience. Financial support. And a network of potential partners.

What we don’t do: SG is not an events bureau or speaker bureau. This means that we are not here to provide speakers or host a ready-made event for you.

SG will help to make your event reach its potential, to add depth, intellectual bite, and social and ethical impact. We want the audience to leave an event inspired to learn more, to keep the discussion going after they’ve left, to connect with others who have the same questions and interests, and to feel like they learned something significant.

We are unfortunately unable to honor every request, but to give you a better chance of getting SG’s support, please take the following conditions into account:

  • Planning: The earlier SG is involved in the process, the better. A twelve week minimum ahead of the event is recommended.
  • Content: Content is the primary area in which SG works and collaborates with others. Important questions to ask yourself are, for example: does your proposed event go beyond the curriculum; does it develop academic and cultural growth, stimulate critical reflection and debate? Is it historical or innovative, does it encourage a social awareness and impact, does it ask difficult or ethical questions
  • Audience: Is it open to students, staff, and visitors? The broader the audience the better, although there are exceptions.
  • Communication and promotion: SG may need to alter communication and promotional materials to fit our design and tone, in other words, event descriptions and visuals may not always appear in exactly the same way as in our collaborative partner’s channels.
  • Language: Is it in Dutch or in English? We aim to be open to international students as much as possible.
  • Format: Is it a traditional lecture, debate, discussion, exhibition, workshop, film/documentary, symposium? We are especially interested in formats that engage the audience in one way or another.
  • Mutual benefits: What are the benefits for you in collaborating with SG, and what are the benefits for SG? Consider cross-promotion of events, building up a long term relationship, exposure to a new/larger audience, etc.
  • Don’t: Please note that career-oriented events, one-off sponsorships, and company lectures are lower on our list of priorities.

Feel free to reach out to us with any further questions.