An overview of the things we write

Sit like a lady

What If Women had the Power?

This fall at SG, we’re going to find out what the world would look like if women had the power. We’re going to erase the dominant patriarchal perspective for a moment and substitute it with an alternate reality. What would it look like if the tables were turned?


Why we should take care of trees

I’ll get straight to the point: as a city dweller, I don’t have much of a connection with trees. And especially not when there are a lot of them together.


Theatre is alive

In the theatre, we can feel devastated when the main character dies or agree with the most horrible villain. What happens when we engage with fiction? Does it tell us something about reality? What do we take home once the curtain has fallen?


New myths about technology | Pt. 3: The Map to Utopia

In the dark days before Christmas, a group of students gathered in TU Delft’s library for pizza, drinks and mythology. Under guidance of mythologist Hugo Koning (LEI), they explored the full story of Prometheus and created new myths about technology. Here is Part III of the results. Brace yourselves.


How to stay engaged in toxic times

In the Netherlands, the climate of public debate is tense. For anyone who is fed up with today’s toxic atmosphere, but also doesn’t want to give up; SG facilitates healthy talks about the emotions of our time. Read how you can join here!