SG’s Spotting Bullshit lecture series – with livestream AND limited seats!

As we carefully start up live events on campus again, we’d like to invite you to the upcoming ‘Spotting Bullshit’ Series. Since audience size is limited due to corona restrictions, most these will be hybrid events, with a livestream/Zoom session, a recording, and a real life (small) audience!

Bullshit – roughly, the deliberate or accidental spreading of untruths – is all around us. It’s a thing of all ages, but it’s very possible that we are living in THE age of bullshit. Peak bullshit, as it were. Sometimes it is easy to spot, but our brains can be tricked!

In this series of seven interactive lectures, Studium Generale will tackle the issue head on and offer you some tools to spot when we are being manipulated through mental trickery. Join these lectures and inoculate yourself against fake news, logical fallacies and other manipulations, and become a beacon of independent, rational and critical thought!

The Spotting Bullshit lecture series will be held during lunchtime (12:40-13:30) in the main hall in the TU Delft Library, except the lecture on September 29 (20:00) in the Aula Auditorium TU Delft

23 September 2020  | 12.40-13.30  TU Delft Library Central Hall   | When Reasoning Goes Wrong   | Rosa Runhardt
29 September 2020  | 20.00-21.00  TU Delft Aula Auditorium         | Freedom of Choice                     | Joris Luyendijk
10 November 2020   | 12.40-13.30  Livestream only                               | Troll Armies                                    | Jesse Evers
17 November 2020   | 12.40-13.30  Zoom                                                      | Fake News & Fact Checking         | Shannon Bakker
24 November 2020   | 12.40-13.30  TU Delft Library Central Hall  | Social Media Manipulation           | Michael Klenk
15 December 2020   | 12.40-13.30  Zoom                                                      | Deepfakes                                      | Tom van de Weghe

Due to current COVID restrictions, this event has a physical capacity of 20 attendees.
Registration required, just click on the link to the lecture.

Free entrance! Lunch will be provided (during the lunch events)

We are looking forward to welcome you!