SG’s Global Philosophies Lecture Series

Who am I? What is a good life? And how do you build a just society? Philosophy asks the big questions in life, but the answers of course are diverse. In the West we look to different thinkers and theories than in the East or the South. What else is there beyond Plato and Nietzsche? In this lecture series, Studium Generale will introduce you to a series of different philosophical traditions from China, India, Africa and the Americas. An acquaintance with other ways of thinking, but also with believing, seeing and feeling, though philosophy, poetry, theatre, music and other forms of art.

The opening lecture on Ubuntu, Buen Vivir, and Gross National Happiness already took place back in September, but you can watch it here on YouTube.

Still to come in this series:

POSTPONED |Tuesday, November 9th: Indigenous Philosophy  
Monday, November 15th: Chinese filosofie – het taoisme en confucianisme (in Dutch)
Tuesday, November 23rd: Indian Philosophy
Monday, December 6th: Colonialism & African Philosophy
Tuesday, December 14th: Winti: An Ancient Surinamese Religion for Modern Times
Tuesday, December 21st: Sufism: Following the Footsteps of Mystic Poet Rumi
2022: African Philosophy, pt 2