Diversity and Inclusion Week | 4-8 October 2021

The most interesting conversations and the best ideas are born when people of different backgrounds,
with different points of view and opinions, get together.

A precondition for this, though, is that everyone can be themselves and feel free and safe enough to express their thoughts. TU Delft strives to be such a safe, inclusive environment, where we cherish diversity and in so doing encourage creativity, well-being and innovation. This ambition requires courage and participation from everyone, including you. It starts with being able to talk to each other about diversity and inclusion freely, and really listening to each other. Imagine a TU Delft where you can reach your full potential, professionally as well as personally, regardless of sexual orientation, colour, way of thinking, gender, appearance, physical or mental capacity or your socio-economic background.

During this first Diversity & Inclusion Week at TU Delft, held to coincide with Diversity Day on 5 October, you can join a variation of events. Listen to specialists and people with personal experience of these issues and join in debating various themes within this topic. Panellists will discuss which opportunities they see in the area of D&I specifically at TU Delft, and you will get to hear what other organisations are doing to promote diversity and inclusivity and what challenges they encounter. Or you might become aware of your own prejudices during a non-bias training session.

We warmly invite students and staff to join the various online and hybrid events. Please visit www.tudelft.nl/diweek to register!

Diversity & Inclusion Week is being organised by the Diversity & Inclusion Office in conjunction with Studium Generale. Contributors include True-U, DEWIS, Student Onbeperkt and Outsite.