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Thoughts about a deceased plant

Recently, I had to discard a plant that I had carried with me through many moves over the years. The plant only had one or two leaves remaining. It unexpectedly became an emotional moment. I wasn’t sure whether I should end the plant’s life before tossing it in the trash. Would it slowly die there, deprived of sunlight? On the other hand, how do you kill a plant?

The Female Perspective: wrap up

Can you imagine a world from a female-dominant perspective? Or is it still too much of a taboo to even consider? This past quarter Sanne and Klaas hosted various events on The Female Perspective. What was our goal at the start? And what did we learn in the end?

Sit like a lady

What If Women had the Power?

This fall at SG, we’re going to find out what the world would look like if women had the power. We’re going to erase the dominant patriarchal perspective for a moment and substitute it with an alternate reality. What would it look like if the tables were turned?