Your Invitation: Write a Letter from the Future!

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a different time? This is your invitation to picture yourself in the future.

Some Simple Rules of Play 

  • Write a letter about life in the future.
  • Show us how human communities co-habitate and communicate. 
  • Write in English or Dutch. 

You Decide! 

  • The exact date at which you are writing (in 2049, a hundred years from now, 13,000.) 
  • The location (Earth, another planet, a specific city, a black hole.) 
  • Who you are writing to (your brother, future children, something yet unknown, your robot husband.) 
  • Why you are writing (leaving your last will and testament, holiday postcard, declaration of love, resignation letter, lawsuit, birthday card.) 

It’s all up to you! The point is to imagine what society looks like in the future, and to share your vision with others. 

Some Questions to Help You Get Started 

  • Are we still living on Earth? 
  • Does ‘family living’ still exist, or are we living in communes? Couples? Pods?
  • Is the human population bigger or smaller? Older or younger?
  • How did today’s biggest challenges turn out? Climate change, war, inequality – how are we doing?
  • What does a ‘working day’ look like? Do we still travel to the office? 

Where to Send Your Letter

You can mail your letter to – but it doesn’t end there. At our For Love of the World Festival, the letters will be put on display for everyone to read.

Not Sure What to Say?

We’ve got you covered! On the 13th of March, we are hosting a creative future letter-writing workshop. Sign up here!

Want to Read an Example?

You’ve got mail!