Letters from the Future: A Creative Writing Workshop in Worldbuilding

Do you ever create imaginary worlds? Traveling through your imagination is fun, but how do you take others with you on that journey?  We all have ideas, but sharing them isn’t always easy. 

Part of the beauty of writing is the freedom to create new worlds. But you want to make sure your readers are along for the ride. In this fun, interactive workshop, we will practice our worldbuilding skills. Together, we will look at worldbuilding in classic literature and analyse the techniques of famous novelists and game designers. 

Our focus is on the future. Through short exercises, you will develop a future world. What that looks like is up to your imagination: we could be living in an Earthly paradise, we could be space explorers, we could be partially extinct. Once you have a clear picture, you will write short pieces of fiction that describe your world in sharp, dramatic language. 

As a final challenge, we will write a letter from the future. And if you’re happy to share yours, it will become part of an installation at our upcoming For Love of the World Festival. Spaces are limited, so sign up for the workshop today!

Come join Wednesday 13 March from 12:45 till 14:15 @ the Nook (TUD Library Hall)

Visit the location's website here.