Call for Artists

Hi everyone! Hesiodos is collaborating with SG, Kaleidos, and many other creative groups for the festival For Love of the World, which is all about philosophy, art, and theater around the central topic of the world and our relationship with it.

For Hesiodos’ part we are looking for art to be displayed, whether that be 2d or 3d, as well as poetry pieces to be read. The art should relate to the central theme (For the Love of the World – how can we relate to our world? Do we love it because of the hope we have for it or in spite of its problems?)

Please submit in the form. The deadline is 13 March to be juried by the Hesiodos board. The festival is 23 March at Theatre de Veste. We really hope to see your art there!

(Note: ignore the event time on this page, submissions are any time between now and the 13th of March)


For this festival, we at Hesiodos invite you to submit ART and POETRY that relates to the theme of this festival written above. The art (2d paintings, 3d sculptures, art made using recycled trash as a material, etc….) will be displayed in the lobby and welcome attendees to the festival, setting the stage for what they are about to see. Poetry submissions will be read in the Jardin d’Espoir in collaboration with Kaleidos.

Please submit ART in JPG/PNG format and poetry in PDF format. Deadline is 13 March 2024, festival is 23 March at Theater de Veste in Delft city centre. Those whose submissions will be chosen will be contacted and invited to display/read their works. This is open first and foremost to members of the TU Delft community, but other submissions will be considered.  Applications from the TU Delft community will however be given priority.