Call for board members SUBEST Delft – Surinamese Bèta Students in Delft

This is a message from SUBEST Delft. Studium Generale has collaborated with this student organization on numerous occasions since 2020, most recently on the Keti Koti evening at X. We highly recommend finding out more about this association, what they stand for, and how you can contribute.

SUBEST Delft is looking for new enthusiastic reinforcements to our team for the year 2024-2025!

At SUBEST Delft you can contribute to the university experience of Surinamese students, get to know other (Surinamese) students 👩🏽‍🎓 and taste the real Surinamese culture. 🇸🇷

So are you a team player 🤝 and would you like to do something next to your studies? Then come out from behind those books and join our cozy team from September/October! You will get the chance to organize memorable events 🥳 and help the association move forward a year. But best of all, you will gain a circle of close friends! 💖

Send a short motivation and your resume to📁! And maybe you will become one of the new  members of SUBEST Delft!🤩