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TEDxDelftSalon: The Planet

Salon events are often small weekly or monthly events that keeps a TEDx community engaged between regular TEDx events. It’s a unique kind of gathering that TEDx organizers hold which allows the conversation to continue, in person. At a TEDx salon, attendees watch TED Talks, sometimes host a few speakers and have informal discussions about […]

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Scenario Planning: Scenarios for Sustainability

If taken seriously, sustainability is a radically new environment / framework in which we will live, work and do business.  We urgently need tools that let us handle futures other than the official growth story.  Scenarios are such a tool.  You’ll get an overview of how to create scenarios and how to use them to […]

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4 months of SG Academy and nobody’s lost their mind yet

After the first four months and 16 episodes I think we can safely say that the SG Academy has graduated from its trial period! People get together and talk. They exchange information and opinions on certain subjects. There’s really nothing more fancy to it than that, but it works and it’s fun. For a brief […]

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Debate: Should TU Delft Be 100% in English?

“Could it be in English, please?” All of the master programs at the TU Delft are already in English, the bachelor program at Aerospace has been so for over a decade and most recently the bachelor program of Geoscience has switched to English as well. The TU Delft expects the other bachelor programs to make […]

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Alles Over Drugs

Nederlandse sjamaan en schrijver Arno Adelaars en Deense PhD onderzoeker op het gebied van cognitieve en visuele neurowetenschap Barbara Nordhjem geven uitleg over het gebruik van geestverruimende middelen door de eeuwen heen, wat het met je hersens doet, en wat het voor goede (en kwade) effecten op je leven kan hebben. Deze avond wordt samen […]

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Projects Abroad: A Student’s Perspective

Are you the type of student that dares to leave his or her comfort zone? Working on projects abroad is a challenge every single day. During this lunch lecture 2 student teams will tell you about their experience on working with local institutions for their projects abroad. Including free lunch! This event is brought to […]

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Broodje Filosofie: Hoezo, keuzestress?

Viermaal per semester organiseert Studium Generale een Broodje Filosofie, waarbij we in de lunchpauze een korte en bondige filosofische bite behandelen. Kom dus voor de Grote Levensvragen langs in de HIVE in de TU Library. En van filosofie krijg je honger, dus voor een broodje wordt gezorgd, maar op = op! Hoezo, keuzestress? Welke studie ga […]

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The Delft Files: How Sustainable Is TU Delft?

The Sustainability Community brings to you: The Delft Files! How sustainable is our university? After the Green Campus symposium at culture in October, where we (the TU Delft Sustainability Community) had our kick-off, we are organizing a lunch lecture about our campus’s sustainability with our partners Studium Generale and Sports & Culture. Everybody is so […]

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Homeopathische geneeskunde

De werking verklaard en wetenschappelijk bewezen? Hippocrates is vooral bekend van de eed. De basis voor deze eed, die door artsen nog steeds moet worden afgelegd, werd door wat wel de vader van de geneeskunde wordt beschouwd, reeds 400 jaar voor Christus gelegd. Minder bekend is dat Hippocrates ook de zogenaamde ‘similiaregel’ bedacht, de regel die de basis […]

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No Stress Breathing Workshop

Join this free 1 hour workshop to learn about stress and how to deal with it through very simple and practical breathing techniques! The No Stress Breathing workshop is a fun introduction workshop that helps you to eliminate stress, handle negative emotions, increase focus and concentration, and relax. For a bit of background, take a […]

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Philosopher’s lunch

Most people think their own judgements are more objective than those of others. But very few are aware of the sometimes surprising factors that come into play when making these judgements.  In the first Philosopher’s lunch  (broodje Filosofie) in English,  the philosopher Hanno Sauer invites you to test your own judgements for rationality, logic and objectivity. Starting with the […]

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Grote Denkers: Schopenhauer over Geluk

Grote Denkers over Moderne Idealen Wat wil de moderne mens? Natuurlijk: allereerst gelukkig zijn, maar hij streeft ook naar authenticiteit, autonomie en vrijheid. Grote filosofen zetten stevige vraagtekens bij deze moderne idealen.