Protests, Slogans, and Free Speech on Campus

SG hosts a lecture and discussion that reflects on the pro-Palestinian protests on campus: the context and history behind the slogans that are used, the demands that are made, and their social impact.

Existential Tuesday: Is society rigged against you?

Is this generation at a disadvantage because of economic policies from the past? Housing, inflation, cost of living, technological unemployment… Ponder your economic future and the obstacles you might face.

POSTPONED: Free the Press! University News and their Institutions

Student papers, or more broadly, university news platforms, are supposed to enrich student life and provide a critical perspective on the institution. But what happens when that critical reporting itself becomes national news? Suddenly, the very purpose of journalism on campus gets called into question.

VOX Discussion: Science and Ideology

Is science as practiced at our institutions really free from influence by ideology? Is it carried out objectively in the modern day, and was it ever?