VOX Movie Night : Network (1976)

VOX Delft is screening Sidney Lumet’s Network on the 6th of October in the HIVE room of the TU Delft Library and followed up with a discussion of themes in the movie. The premise of the movie, according to IMDb, is: “A television network cynically exploits a deranged former anchor’s ravings and revelations about the […]

VOX film night: Enjoy Poverty

VOX Delft, student association and partner of SG, is hosting another documentary night with a follow-up discussion. Topic this time is the documentary “Enjoy Poverty.” In this documentary filmmaker Renzo Martens examines poverty in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In an epic journey, the film establishes that images of poverty are the Congo‚Äôs most […]

Discussion Night: Corporate Development Aid

VOX Delft, Studium Generale TU Delft and Students4Sustainability are organizing a freeform discussion on questions regarding corporate development aid, like: – Does corporate sponsorship come without strings attached? – How much does aid from “the West” help, can it be done without imposing our culture onto others? – In which ways do people on the […]

Panopticon: The documentary about your privacy

If you’ve followed the news on Edward Snowden and his NSA leaks, you know that the whole world has suddenly become aware that it is being watched and recorded. From presidents to prime ministers, terrorists to house wives, there isn’t a technologically active person who is free from the prying eyes of the intelligence services […]

Drones, Surveillance, and War

This year, three Aerospace students from the TU Delft won the first three prizes at the AIAA drone design competition in the USA. Raphael Klein, Steve Brust, and Malcom Brown have proven themselves as engineers, and are now willing to discuss their experiences as drone designers and the social and political implications of drone technology […]

Think ‘n Drink Discussion Night

=Every Monday night from 7pm till 10pm =   Every Monday night the student group VOX Delft, in cooperation with SG, hosts an in-depth discussion evening. A broad range of topics are possible, from philosophy, to current affairs, to technology, or society. Everyone, whether Dutch and/or international, is welcome to join a discussion, with or […]