Meet your Brain Workshop: Introductie Snellezen

Snellezen is een manier om vlotter teksten te scannen waardoor je minder tijd nodig hebt voor de studie. In deze workshop leer je de snelleesprincipes zodat je die na wat oefening kunt toepassen. Voertaal: Nederlands. Er zijn 30 plekken voor studenten en medewerkers van de TU Delft. Inschrijven: TU Delft Library balie (€5). Georganiseerd als […]

Meet your Brain Workshop: Memory Master

Tijdens deze workshop gaan we het hebben over hoe je informatie exacter en langer leert onthouden. We tonen aan hoe je met een betere methode betere resultaten boekt. Voertaal: Engels. Er zijn 50 plaatsen beschikbaar voor studenten en medewerkers van de TU Delft. Inschrijven: TU Delft Library balie (€5). Organised as part of the series Explore […]

Explore your Brain: Rubik’s Cube Challenge

Locatie: Tinker Table tegenover de HIVE Wanneer je de oplossing weet, is alles simpel. Maar wat is de snelste manier om deze klassieke 3D-puzzel op te lossen? Doe mee aan de Rubik’s cube challenge en versla je tegenstanders met jouw scherpte. (Neem indien mogelijk je eigen rubik’s cube mee.) Georganiseerd als onderdeel van de serie […]

The School of Life: How to change the world

Do you feel the need to do something that truly matters? Do you want to contribute to the world?Sometimes all efforts may seem pointless in the face of daunting global challenges. Still, new examples of successful initiatives keep popping up, showing us there may be a way. How can you the convert the wish for […]

Masterclass The School of Life: How to realise your potential

We are, most of us, aware that not all of our potential is currently being mined. We have intuitions of possibilities – in our love lives, our careers and our ways of living – that we have yet to explore. This class looks into what potential really is: where and when our intuitions are correct, […]

The School Of Life Masterclass: How to be more creative

Unit Sports & Culture (S&C) and Studium Generale have invited Dick Swaab for a lunch lecture at 27 September 2017 to tell about the development and stimulation of creativity in the brain. Let this brain researcher’ bright ideas inspire you! As a follow-up of this lecture you can join the class ‘How to be more […]

The School of Life: How to find a job you love

We all know what the perfect job looks like: well paid, respectable, challenging and emotionally satisfying. But we also know something else: that dream job isn’t yours. This class will help you find out what you really want to get out of your working life. We start off with the various factors that influence our […]

The School of Life: How to think like an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur should be able to dream without limits, take business decisions and perform cutting edge analysis. Are you able to assess risks and critically evaluate your strengths and weaknesses? How do you deal with the obstacles that you are bound to encounter? Frustrations become appealing opportunities, and instead of endless worrying, you can turn […]

Close The Loop (Workshop)

  Closing the Loop maximizes the reuse of high quality mobile phones by giving them a second life in Africa or Asia, where they also collect ‘end-of-life’ scrap phones for recycling, done in Europe. In this way they turn scrap phones into new valuable recources and jobs. Their goal is to rescue every mobile phone […]