Bargaining with Fate: A Creative Writing Workshop


Are our fates set in stone? Is it too late to save our planet from climate disaster? Let’s use our pens to write an escape. Join other students, staff, and visitors at this creative writing seminar for all levels. Bring pen and paper!

When you enter the TUD Library, you’ll find The Nook in the right-hand corner of the open space.

In world literature, there is a longstanding tradition of heroes fighting fate. Even our earliest written story, the Epic of Gilgamesh, centres around the hero’s quest to escape death. It is human nature to struggle against things that are far beyond our control. And for the writers among us, this struggle is fertile ground for dramatic fiction!

In this fun-though-doom-laden workshop, you will learn about dramatic irony and use tarot cards to create your own a fateful story. All of these activities will be placed against the backdrop of climate change, and the question: what can we truly control? Sign up below, as places are limited!

Want to turn your fiction into reality? You can also come to the linked Climate Grief event on December 12th. At this panel discussion, find out whether tech interventions can help us escape climate disaster. Or maybe we need to give up on bargaining and accept a new reality…

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