Collage Night!

VOX is hosting a special event: Collage Night! We will be working together on a collage that will go on display at The Nook! You are also free to make your own individual mini-collages. All are welcome to come and exercise their artistic side! The theme for the main collage will be creativity, expression, and communication, as these are some of the key tenets Vox stands for. Don’t feel discouraged if you’ve never made a collage before, we will help guide you through the process. We will have our own stock, but please bring whatever materials (old magazines, leaflets, flyers, etc.) you have lying around to use (within reason), and naturally, bring the right-side of your brain along with them. The event *won’t be taking place in the Nook* for once, but in another library space (TBA). Lastly, for this event we will be “providing free pizza to attendees” (kind of a collage of toppings on top of a bread & cheese base if you think about it).

Visit the location's website here.