Colour your life/SG rebranding launch

If you could choose two colours that together say something about who you are, or where you would like to go in your life, what colours would those be, and why?

How do colours affect the way we perceive the world, and what are your colours?

Following the rebranding of Studium Generale, SG is organizing a colourful event in which we explain our new mission and how we translate it into colour. And you are going to work with colour as well!

Come and collect goodies as the already popular bags of SG.


Dr. Maarten Wijntjes talks about colour and perception. He is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Currently, he is director of the Pictorial Research Lab and interested in the relation between formal pictorial elements (texture, colour, light, space and material) and their experiential and perceptual effects. Received a Veni grant to work on pictorial space and a Vidi grant to work on material depiction.

Leon Heuts is head of Studium Generale TU Delft.

Visit the location's website here.