Film Night: The True Cost of the Western Lifestyle

Join other students and staff for an interactive, low-key film and conversation night looking at the impact of the fashion and the fossil fuel industries.

Together with socio-environmental researcher Darko Lagunas we’ll be watching film clips and conversing about how global supply chains work to exploit people and planet. We’ll start with something that involves all of us: scenes from The True Cost, a documentary highlighting the dark side of the fashion industry.

The event will take place on Discord, an online platform. You can join (for free) through the VOX Discord server here. Download the Discord app beforehand (also free) if you want to be able to see other peoples’ video.

Need some help getting started with Discord? Here’s a manual (.PDF) with tips.

This film night is a collaboration with GreenTU, University Rebellion, and VOX Delft

Decolonising Knowledge Series 

This series of events explores the legacy of colonial power structures in our local and global society.  

Decolonisation, roughly put, is a social movement and academic project that seeks to empower knowledge, cultures, and peoples marginalized by the physical and cultural effects and legacies of colonisation and its power structures. This movement also reflects critically on the historical role of universities and Western knowledge production in relation to colonialism. It encompasses issues of race, gender, land ownership, ways of knowing, reparations, resource extraction, rights and representation, and more.  

The program will consist of a core lecture series introducing the decolonial perspective and its application in technology, education, nature, sustainability, arts, and industry. There will also be numerous satellite events with master classes, a film night, and discussion groups.