Physics Symposium – Survival: Evolving by Solving Impossible Problems

The 57th physics symposium committee, part of the Vereniging voor Technische Physica of the TU Delft, invites you to be part of our symposium. It will take place from the 11th until the 15th of October 2021. There will be 4 lunch lectures, 1 evening lecture with our keynote speaker and an excursion on Friday with drinks to celebrate the end of the symposium week. This year we proudly present our theme: “Survival: evolving by solving impossible problems”


Ever since the first fire was lit and the first wheel had been made, mankind has been striving towards innovation. It might just be in our nature to shape the world through our hands and to make our lives easier for ourselves. We now live in a time where life begins to be more about being happy and comfortable, and less about worrying how to survive. However, this evolution of lifestyle brings problems of its own, problems that might be bigger than anyone has ever faced before and problems that we can only face together. Luckily, history tells us that however impossible a problem might seem, if we work hard enough we can always find a solution. This is what this year’s symposium will be all about. Not only is solving problems important for our own happiness, we also need to solve problems to ensure the continuation of our species. In this symposium we will have a week full of exciting lecturers who are pioneering in their field to solve the problems that today might seem like they are impossible to solve. But, due to their contribution, might become easily solvable in the future.

It always seems impossible until it’s done” -Nelson Mandela

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The symposium is organized by the VvTP (Vereniging voor Technische Physica, the study association for the Faculty of Applied Sciences)