75+ years Studium Generale | Music Matters

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Studium  Generale’s 75+ years birthday party 

The theme: ‘Music Matters’, exploring the relationship between music, science and creativity.

On the 29th of September we celebrate our 75+ years birthday and you are all invited! That’s 75+years of expanding academic horizons, critical thinking and social awareness, 75+ years of lectures, debates, workshops and film screenings, and 75+ years of working together and welcoming you to our events.

To mark this joyous occasion, we are throwing a party full of music, science and drinks! During “Music Matters” we will explore the relationship between academic research and making music. Is there a link between creativity and analytical thinking? Why are some scientists also great musicians, while others aren’t? What do brain scans reveal about it? And on a personal level, what does music mean for us as individuals – and what does it mean for society at large?

We will embark on this musical adventure with the Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen TU Delft, Director TU Delft Library Irene Haslinger, Leon Heuts Head Studium Generale TU Delft and several musically inclined TU Delft professors and a neuroscientist. But not to worry:  it’s not just talking, there’s also music, of course! Trio JUNE will play before and after the talks to get you in the party mood and help you lift your feet up off the floor.

The date, time and location: September 29th, between 20:00 and 22:00 (walk in 19:30) in the TU Delft Library.  Please note that seats are limited!

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