Sci-Fi Book swap

You have books. We have books. Everybody has books!

But sometimes you’re just done with your copy and you want something new. So bring your book (or books) to trade today and maybe you’ll walk away with something great.

In conjunction with the SHErobots exhibition and program in the TUD Library, for this book swap, we’re especially interested in sharing sci-fi books, and we’ll have a number of great classics and contemporaries by women authors to hand out.

The way it works: you bring a book, you get to trade it for another. It’s that simple. We have no idea how many books we’ll have or what sort of quality they’ll be, but please do bring literature that you’ve enjoyed yourself and that you think is worth sharing!

There’ll be tea and cookies!

This event is brought to you by Studium Generale, TU Library, and the VOX Book Club

Curious about the VOX Book Club? We’re currently reading We but there is a new book every academic quarter!

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