SG x Fringe | Doing good: Here to save the day?

Recording: SG x Fringe | Doing good: Here to save the day?

 You strive for a better world. 

You want to share knowledge. 

You want to do good. 

But does it make anything better at all? And how to know? 

Many of us have a strong drive to do something good for other people. The best intentions to make the world a better place. As part of a university that aims to make impact for a better society, Studium Generale is focusing on the concept of ‘doing good’ in two events today. ‘Cause how do we know that we’re actually doing the right thing? What are our blind spots when we approach those we want to give a hand? 

During tonight’s in-depth programme, Studium Generale TU Delft and Fringe Festival Delft team up and take the performance ‘Alive & Unborn’ by Omid Kheirabadi as a starting point. This evening we’ll think about “doing good”. In doing so, we distinguish the cognitive thought processes of the reflective mind and intuitive mind and explore the unconscious biases that generate automatic thought processes and blind spots. We’ll allocate key time for meaningful exchange and mirroring in small groups in order to bring those processes to the surface.

The evening is led by Yvonne van der Pol.

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Tip: Combine with Omid Kheirabadi’s performance ‘Alive & Unborn’ either before (20.00h) or after (22.00h) this program. Same day, same place. Buy your separate ticket for the show here.

Do you want to visit ‘Alive & Unborn’ another day, check all dates for Omid’s performance here.

About ‘Alive & Unborn’

‘Alive & unborn’ is a dark satirical performance that reflects on the injustices created by the long-standing racist capitalist system, colonialism and slavery, and the demons of credit and debt. What is hope and how much do we have left? A critical theatrical reflection on today’s capitalism.

About Fringe Festival Delft

Delft Fringe Festival is one of the most important theater festivals for young artists in the Netherlands. Since 2010, this is the place for new creators to develop their own signature and to find their place within the field of the performing arts. New, fresh, urgent: Delft Fringe brings audience and artist close together at unexpected locations throughout the city. Read more on their website

About Yvonne van der Pol

Yvonne van der Pol is a developmental sociologist and interculturalist. She has already been working for over 20 years on the knife edge of communication and culture. Initially with organisations in the sector of International Development and then, from 2003, as an intercultural consultant from her offices at Luz azul training, consulting & coaching.  She advises on intercultural policy making, develops blended learning programmes about intercultural effectiveness, and trains and coaches professionals on developing their intercultural craftsmanship. In all of these activities, her leitmotiv has always been: to enhance a better understanding between people.

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