VOX Discussion Night: The Culture Industry in the Digital Age

Presentation & Open Discussion: The Culture Industry in the Digital Age

Have you noticed the proliferation of superhero films, sequels, prequels, intellectual property films, and remakes in cinemas these days? Or the way new mainstream music artists are heavily marketed by the industry, rather than finding organic success? Are your favourite pop artists even writing their songs anymore? Are these symptoms of a larger cultural phenomenon? On the 26th of March, VOX will give a presentation explaining Frankfurt School philosophers Theodor Adorno & Max Horkheimer’s classic work ‘The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception’ and use it as a framework to analyse the contemporary culture industry. Come along to listen to the presentation and afterwards discuss with us whether you agree or disagree with the ideas, or share some insights of your own!

This event is organized by VOX Delft in collaboration with SG.

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