VOX Movie Night: Ghost in the Shell (1995) by Mamoru Oshii

“There’s nothing sadder than a puppet without a ghost, especially the kind with red blood running through them.”

On Tuesday the 28th of November, VOX will be screening Mamoru Oshii’s brooding, cyberpunk, neo-noir, cult classic Ghost in the Shell (1995). This beautifully animated, and iconically scored, thrilling, yet deeply philosophical film follows cyborg federal agent Motoko Kusanagi as she trails “The Puppet Master”, an entity who illegally hacks into the computerised minds of cyborg-human hybrids.

As French sociologist Jean Baudrillard once noted, science fiction has become increasingly poignant as a genre due to its ability to extrapolate trends that we are now already experiencing in society as we are carried further by the winds of technological progress. This film explores consciousness, memory and what it means to be ‘human’, in the ‘wired’ age.

After the movie we will hold a discussion where everyone will be able to share their views on this thought provoking work. As is customary for our movie nights, snacks, drinks and pizza (not cold this time!) will be provided. Come join us in experiencing this masterpiece of Japanese animation!

This event is organized by VOX Delft in collaboration with SG

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