Corona Care Package #12 | The world after Coronavirus


Tuesday’s post: The world after Coronavirus according to Harari
Tuesday’s post: Post-corona manifesto by 170 Dutch scientists
Monday’s post: We are all global citizens

Tuesday April 14 | The world after coronavirus

Yesterday we shared a post about global and local initiatives to fight not only the spread of coronavirus but also its devastating effects around the world. Just before the weekend, a group of 170 Dutch scientists published a manifesto stating that the disruption of economic certainties caused by the pandemic offers a chance for radical reforms.

Humankind is now facing a global crisis. Perhaps the biggest crisis of our generation. The decisions people and governments take in the next few weeks will probably shape the world for years to come. According to Yuval Noah Harari, what kind of world we will inhabit once the storm passes will depend on the empowerment of citizens and our global solidarity.

Studium Generale created a Corona Care Package to make #StayingIn as pleasant as possible. In the following weeks we will share videos, blogs, articles and podcasts within four focus areas: Mental Health, Fake News, Arts & Culture and Philosophy.