Corona Care Package #31 | Universal Basic Income & Mental Health


Monday’s post: Universal Basic Income & Mental Health

Monday 11 May | Universal Basic Income & Mental Health

In these times of economic uncertainty, there is once again talk of a universal basic income, which has the potential to save many from poverty. The potential economic benefits are becoming increasingly clear, but one factor that so far has not received as much attention is how a guaranteed income might improve our mental health.

If you had a guaranteed basic income, what would you do? Would you still study? Perhaps study harder, or pursue other extracurricular activities like attending our events perhaps? Would it make you worry less and improve your outlook on life? Read this article on The Conversation on how universal basic income could have far wider implications than just keeping our economy running.

If you want to learn more about the basics of basic income, watch the TED talk by Rutger Bregman below. Dutch speakers can watch Rutger in action in his talk at Studium Generale Delft on Universal Basic Income and five other Big Ideas to Change the World.

Studium Generale created a Corona Care Package to make #StayingIn as pleasant as possible. In the following weeks we will share videos, blogs, articles and podcasts within four focus areas: Mental Health, The World After Corona, Arts & Culture and other online events.