Corona Care Package #49 | Ad Verbrugge on never ending life: gift or curse?


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Thursday 4 June | Ad Verbrugge on never ending life: gift or curse?

Who’s afraid of the end of life? Nowadays we all seem to be afraid of dying. The way we cope with the pandemic seems to say something about our tendency to hold on to life as long as we possibly can. We’d rather stay in a cage (our own home) in order to live longer, than to just live.

According to philosopher Ad Verbrugge (UvA) there is value and beauty in having an end to your life. He rather focuses on leading your life here and now and accepting the end when it comes, than to strive for banishment of all disease and death. ‘There seems to be confusion about how eternal life implies the banishment of death. But death is an integral part of life and thus we will never succeed in banning it.’

In February 2020 Studium Generale organised three events within the TU Delft Library programme ‘Who’s afraid of the end of life. Exploring and (re)designing values on (im)mortality’. This lecture was part of the event ‘Never ending life: gift or curse?’ together with the study associations of Nanobiology, Life Science & Technology and Clinical Technology.

This lecture is in Dutch.

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