Regenerative Farming

Learn about regenerative farming methods and how we can benefit from these kinds of practices

Art Meditation Workshop

An evening of creativity and reflection under the guidance of Zahra Ghasia. With different themes and artistic media to explore every time!

Progress Through Technology Is A Myth – Reflective and Creative Workshop

Ever wondered what that flame is doing there on TU Delft’s logo? It was a gift from the ancient Greek hero Prometheus to mankind. Our first ever life-saving technology. He sneaked up Mount Olympus and stole away the fire from the selfish great gods. Come steal it back. Rewrite the story of technology

Day of Sustainability 2022 Symposium

This year’s theme is ‘Rethinking our Routines’. Let’s all get together and discuss how we can break our bad climate habits, and change towards the new normal. Lectures, workshops, panels, and free drinks.

POSTPONED | Remember what you forgot

The Black Lives Matter demonstrations of June 2020 were the largest anti-Black racism protests ever seen and turned the world upside down. Where do we stand, two years on?