SG in Conversation with Milou Deelen

In this series, we talk to young people who each stand out from the crowd in their own way. Let’s listen to their stories and learn. Warning: During the event you might learn a thing or two about yourself (and others), so be prepared.

Book Club: All Men Are Mortal, by Simone de Beauvoir

Join the free book club organized by VOX Delft, SG, Hesiodos magazine, and the TUD Library! Over the next few weeks (leading up to the 26th of April), we’ll be reading All Men Are Mortal, a metaphysical novel by Simone de Beauvoir.

SG in Conversation with Lale Gül

About SG in Conversation
Your student life: it’s quite something. It’s a time in which you can explore new things, learn more about yourself and choose your own way. At SG, we find that taking a moment to talk about this – about identity – can help you to better understand who you are.

S4S Symposium: From Abstract To Impact (in Dutch)

Heb jij soms ook het gevoel dat het klimaatprobleem zo ongrijpbaar en complex is, dat het voelt als een verloren zaak? Met het symposium laten wij je inzien dat dit machteloze gevoel onterecht is. Door praktische initiatieven aan bod te laten komen wordt dit behapbaarder gemaakt. Tevens zullen grote en technische initiatieven spreken over hoe […]