160 Years of Activism at TU Delft

Are students in Delft too down to earth (‘nuchter’) to protest?

Student activism at TU Delft (and its predecessors) has a long and fascinating history, going back as far as 1861. From campus occupations, to the fake kidnapping of a professor, to the dumping of soil in the head office, it makes you wonder what got people riled up over the years. In this mini-history seminar, university historian Abel Streefland will guide you through different episodes of revolt, protests, and occupations from the past of the university.

Afterwards, we will open the floor to discuss the roles that science, technology, and engineers have and could (or should) take to address the critical issues of our time. Studium Generale and the Academic Heritage team invite students, staff, and researchers to join this discussion.

Register for this seminar so we know how many people to expect, and how much tea and cookies to prepare!

In collaboration with the Academic Heritage Team

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