Existential Tuesday: Are you ready to fight Putin?

If you were drafted for war, would you fight or would you run?

If you follow Dutch news, you may have noticed an increase in rhetoric about war coming to Europe. This is the gist of it: Putin is bad, and so is Trump. Put ‘m together and Europe cannot depend on the US to protect it anymore if Russia invades.

Is this typical fear mongering? An honest reality check? Or just a way for the arms industry to make more money?

Or maybe it’s more than that. The Chief of Defence of the Netherlands Armed Forces Onno Eichelsheim thinks we should be developing a war economy. And what about the military draft? There are people saying we should bring that back. What a time to be young!

How do you feel about all this? Are you prepared to fight (and kill) for your country, or are you a pacifist? Are you prepared to have all or most of your economic contributions be used for war, or would you rather emigrate? Are you cool with the Netherlands bumping up its production of weapons and munitions? Let’s figure out where we stand.


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