A bite of Life

Studium Generale presents: A bite of…

A series of lectures to quench your thirst for knowledge and your basic need for… well, food. Come and join ‘A bite of… ’ lunch lectures (at the TU Delft Library or Pulse) and enjoy a current, urgent or simply interesting talk to widen your horizon and a free sandwich to still your appetite.

Through the lens of science, the line between living and non-living things is blurry. This suggests that the hard separation between life and lifeless, as it is experienced by most people, might be an illusion. So, what is life? And when do we call something alive? How we think about this influences our opinion on, for example, medical achievements, death, biotechnology and the value of biodiversity? In this interactive lecture, we will first explore the scientific answer to the question ‘what is life’. We then will consider possible reasons for why this view differs so much from our emotional experience of life. How will this influence your opinion on matters of life and death?

Dr. Bertus Beaumont is an experimental evolutionary biologist at the Department of Bionanoscience (TU Delft) and studies how the molecular machines inside cells function and evolve.

This event is presented to you by Studium Generale and is part of the TU Delft Library program ‘Who is afraid of the end of life? Exploring and (re)designing values on (im)mortality’. Check out the entire program here.
When it comes to design for the end of life, the social and moral values people hold differ or even conflict immensely. TU Delft Library, Studium Generale, the Delft film theatre Lumen and several study associations explore different opinions and unravel the questions that are raised around immortality and mortality in a multidisciplinary program in February and March 2020.