A bite of Politics: All you need to know about Boris Johnson

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In just over two months since the start of his Premiership of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson has lost all seven votes in the House of Commons, has lost 25 Members of Parliament from the Conservative Party, and has been found by the Supreme Court to have suspended Parliament unlawfully. How did this charismatic and ambitious, yet divisive figure in British politics become its current Prime Minister?

In this lecture, Patrick Bernhart will use video footage to show Johnson’s rise to the highest political office in the country. Who is he, what drives him, how does he come across, what Brexit scenarios are possible and what consequences do his words and actions have? With the impending deadline of Brexit we will look back on his Premiership thus far and look ahead at what we may expect from the European Council on the 17th and 18th of October, and a possible exit from the European Union on October 31st.

Patrick Bernhart

Patrick Bernhart is author of Tom Dumoulin: Wielerlegende in wording. With Jan Maarten Slagter, he wrote De koude kermis van KPN. Bernhart has lived in England for a number of years and closely follows British politics. After the lecture, his most recent book Boris – Bestemming bereikt (in Dutch only) will be available for sale.

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