CANCELLED: Art & Tech on Sunday | Technology and Intimacy

This event has been cancelled.

My phone knows me better than my partner!

Technology has great potential to bring us closer together. Especially during the pandemic we have found many creative ways of staying in touch with loved ones, despite the physical limitations of lockdowns and travel restrictions. Technology is becoming ever more intimately involved in our lives and gets to know us better than perhaps our friends and family. But can technology truly offer an intimate relationship? Or perhaps even replace an intimate partner? Will technology stand in the way between us and others?

Laura A Dima is a multidisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam. In her project Future Affair she explores our experience of touch. Future Affair redefines the way we view art by bringing physical contact into the experience, while at the same time raising questions about the role of touch in society. Can we create affectionate touch without human contact?

Cindy Friedman is a PhD Candidate at Utrecht University within the Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies programme. Her project is on The Ethics of Humanoid Robots, exploring how the human-likeness of humanoid robots may cause us to question what it means to be human, particularly as it relates to moral status.

Derek Lomas  is assistant professor of Positive AI at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. He designs data-informed smart systems for human wellbeing, bringing humanist values into AI systems. He is a classicist, futurist, cognitive scientist and proponent of the magic of resonance in design.

The event will be moderated by Desiree Hoving.

Art & Tech on Sunday

In the series Art & Tech on Sunday we invite artists, who work on the intersection of art and technology, to explore pressing social issues by means of their art. It is often the artist that can offer a mirror for society or even a new paradigm in which we perceive the world with new eyes. Questions will be raised about privacy, intimacy and inequality. The format is subject to change in each episode, depending on the art and the artist, but in each episode the subject is experienced, rather than just discussed. Join the experience!

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