Brain Activity During Effortless Meditation

Recording: Brain Activity During Effortless Meditation

Meditation has been known throughout the ages. It is often seen as a form of concentration but in fact meditation can be effortless, more a form of “de-concentration”.  During meditation, the body and mind relax deeply, much deeper than in deep sleep. This deep relaxation removes stress and fatigue so that we can enjoy life more in all our daily activities.

In modern days meditation has been the subject of extensive scientific research, investigating things like brain waves, stress hormone levels, impact on student marks and many other aspects.

What happens to the brain during effortless meditation? When the mind becomes silent in meditation, does brain activity stop? Is there a specific brain activity when one is more “in the present moment”?

Dr. Wim van Rijswijk, physicist and meditation teacher for Art of Living will give insights into brain activity during effortless meditation and will also let people briefly experience inner silence in a short guided meditation.

Brain activity meditation vertical

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