Circular Food Systems

Circular Food Systems: Applying Systems Thinking to Global Food Production

The global food system is in need of dramatic transformation. The path we are currently on is leading to an impasse: the increases in food production needed to meet the anticipated demands of a much larger and wealthier human population cannot be achieved by simply extrapolating current trends in production and consumption.

Can we achieve a food system that works within the planet’s biophysical boundaries, inclusively supports human livelihoods, and ensures food security for a growing and changing population?

Leonardo Verkooijen from the Dutch cleantech development and consulting firm Metabolic will explore this question in depth. He’ll examine the durability of the structures that are currently in play, and will discuss how they need to evolve to get the desired outcome: providing the daily necessity that food is for everyone.

The lecture will be held November 24th, from 12:45 to 13:30 in Zaal C of the faculty TBM. A free lunch will be provided.
Organized together with Students4Sustainability

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