Creative Research and Non-Fiction Writing Workshop

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A Hesiodos & TU Delft Library collaborative event (16-18h) and literary borrel (18-18:30h) as part of the Atomic Reactions program and exhibition (currently on display in the Library main hall):

Creative non-fiction professor and author, Joshua Wheeler, will offer a workshop on creative researching and writing for the students and community of TU Delft that will advise us on how to write about the past without making the same mistakes as previous histories, the mistakes being that historians have long tried to write authoritative or definitive histories that, over time, inevitably prove to be short-sighted.

The Workshop will consist of:
– author reading article excerpt
– presentation of research process for article
– writing activity stemming from presentation
– students share workshop writing

Presented in collaboration with Studium Generale TU Delft and the creative students of Hesiodos, TU Delft’s creative platform.

Wheeler contributes to the NY Times and is the author of Acid West, which contains “Children of the Gadget,” a paradigm-shifting essay on America’s use of atomic weapons on itself.

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