Differences and similarities in the Arab World

Recording: Differences and similarities in the Arab World

Last winter two Dutch students (Henriëtte and Laurence) took up the challenge of participating in an AIESEC project in the Arab world. Henriëtte did a marketing project in Fez (Morocco) and Laurence participated in a video project in Muscat (Oman). Now that they are back they want to share their experience and make you excited to explore an Arab country yourself. It will be an interactive lecture about the differences and similarities in the Arab World, focused on Oman and Morocco. Did you for example know that Oman is 7 times bigger than Holland, but only has 4 million inhabitants? And that the largest city of Morocco, Casablanca has already more inhabitants than whole of Oman?

Do you want to learn more about countries in the Arab world and be inspired to explore one of them yourself, then join us for the lunchlecture on the 29th of May in the Orange Room in the Library.


AIESEC is the largest youth-led non-profit organization in the world: it strives to empower and develop the leadership potential of young people thanks to volunteering projects and professional internships abroad. Created by AIESEC the Netherlands, the Nour project offers students a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of the Arab world first-hand by volunteering in the Middle East or North Africa. By sharing their experiences after their return, Nour participants help overcome harmful prejudice, distrust and misconceptions between Arabs and Europeans. The Nour project sheds a different light on the Arab world, and hereby fosters cross-cultural understanding.

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