Discussion: Epic Fails: How Failing Brings You Further

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of failing? Also keen to know more about why failing might not be as bad as you initially think? To show you this, we invited two students and a writer that will share their failures and show the benefits it gave them in life!

A lot of students deal with pressure to do very well in their studies which also leads to fear for failing. We are going to show you, that there are worst things then failing and it can also have its upsides. Not only concerning studying, also when starting a company or, very simple, failing during an application for a new job.

Three guests will share their experiences on this topic and a psychologist will try to explain what happened during these moments of failure and how this relieved some pressure and, eventually, actually helped the guests in their lives.

Enrolment for this event will open soon. Until then, make sure you mark your calendar!

Tuesday 14/09 | 20:00  –  21:30 | Theatre hall | FREE! | In co-op with  X TU Delft

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