Engineering the Future – panel discussion on nanobiology

Are you interested in the cutting edge possibilities in the field of medicine, genetic manipulation and the future of bio-engineering? For the first Lustrum of Hooke, the study association for Nanobiology, we organize a panel discussion about these topics under the theme ‘Engineering the Future’. This evening, in the warm and cozy atmosphere of Theater de Veste, we discuss current and controversial matters in the field of nanobiology together with five speakers of different backgrounds. And you can take part in the discussion! The evening is moderated by dr. Bertus Beaumont.

Who are the speakers?

  • Dr. Lotte Asveld, an Assistant Professor Biotechnology & Society at TU Delft
  • Prof.Dr. Niels Geijsen, who works at the Hubrecht Institute of the KNAW and is professor in regenerative medicine at the University of Utrecht
  • Prof.Dr. Roeland van Ham, who is Vice-President Bioinformatics and Modeling at KeyGene NV & Professor Plant Computational Biotechnology at TU Delft
  • Prof.Dr. Claire Wyman, who is the director of the Bsc and Msc of Nanobiology and in the department of Molecular Radiation Oncology
  • Dr. Edwin Ket, who is Market Access Director Bristol-Myers Squibb

Practical information:
Date: 18 November 2019
Time: 19:30-23:00 hrs
Where: Het Theatercafé, Theater de Veste, Asvest 1, Delft
Price: €5,- (+ 0,35 transaction costs), including a drink
Ticket sale: QR code on the poster or via the website

This evening is powered by Studium Generale (SG), TU Delft’s platform for lectures and debates. SG contributes to the academic development of students and to the social discussion on the role of technology and engineers in modern society by organizing lectures, debates and workshops with and for students.

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