Film Night: The Yes Men Fix the World

VOX Delft and Green Office Delft teamed up to screen the classic and yet still relevant The Yes Men Fix The World. Troublemaking duo Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, posing as their industrious alter-egos, expose the people profiting from Hurricane Katrina, the faces behind the environmental disaster in Bhopal, and other shocking events. The Yes Men use Laughtivism (satirical activism) to fight injustice, but is humor a catalyst for system change?

Everyone is welcome!

We are also providing some snacks and drinks, but feel free to bring some along yourself if you like to share.
Speaking of, invite your friends to come along, the more the merrier! Click here for the Facebook event page.

VOX Delft is all about finding out about different points of view, which includes yours; as nobody is an authority, so everyone’s experiences are valid, and that’s where the fun stuff is!
Join in:

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