POSTPONED: Free the Press! University News and their Institutions

This event is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Student papers, or more broadly, university news platforms, are supposed to enrich student life and provide a critical perspective on the institution. But what happens when that critical reporting itself becomes national news? Suddenly, the very purpose of journalism on campus gets called into question.

Some argue that a free and independent academic press is essential to an open and democratic learning environment. Others say that it is impossible to be truly critical of the people who pay your wages. And others still might view journalism on campus as an inconvenience. This is your opportunity to hear from the people in the midst of it all.

Saskia Bonger is Editor in Chief of Delta, TU Delft’s own academic paper. How does she navigate the pressures of reporting on her own institutions? Find out what it’s like – and discuss what it should be like.

Jaap de Jong is professor of Journalism and New Media at the Centre for Linguistics at Leiden University.

Arco Timmermans is associate professor of Public Affairs at Leiden University.

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